Certificate in Business Finance (Module 1)

Certificate in Business Finance (International Part 1)


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couse-21196[3]A complete introduction to the world of Finance & Financial terminology for business people working anywhere in the world. This version of our course is aimed at those whose organisations use International Accounting terminology.

The course includes sessions covering all Financial Statements for those with little or no knowledge of Accounting & Finance.

The areas covered are:

  • The meaning of the Financial Statements
  • Accruals: how & why the numbers get into your accounts
  • The Balance Sheet (Statement of Position)
  • The Income Statement or Profit & Loss Account

The package includes 10 – 15 minute videos (x5). There is approximately 1 hour of video content with on screen graphics.

Each video session is followed by 2 or 3 on line questions & answers to test your understanding.

There is also a Case Study & a PowerPoint presentation to download and make notes on.