Certificate in Business Finance (Module 1)

Certificate in Business Finance (Module 2)


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This is the second of 3 modules that make up the Certificate in Business giving more detail for the Manager, Director or Vice President who wants to know more about interpreting financial information & understanding management reports.


  • To build on to Part 1 to expand knowledge of Finance
  • To focus on Management Accounts and how they are used to improve decision making
  • To clarify cash flow and liquidity


This module consists of 4 sections each with a video, exercises and a quiz to test learning. The videos cover:

  • Profit & Loss: Management Accounts
  • Cash Flow, Liquidity & Working Capital – introduction, format, content and why cash flow is critical to the organisation
  • Other Financial Terminology – the language of Finance made simple
  • Understanding financial information


The module is interactive, tests learning, has built in feedback and the option to ask questions to the Tutor. Taking approximately 90 minutes to complete, an overall course score is generated at the end of the module which contributes towards the final certificate.


  • Better understanding of why businesses needed MI
  • Improved knowledge of what generates cash
  • Better insight into the language of accountants