Online Learning

Our on-line business learning facilities range from both online learning videos and also full online business courses. Titles are displayed below. All of the packages include a number of videos, questions and answers and case studies. There are also documents and PowerPoint slide shows to download.

Our On-Line Learning “Certificate” series of courses cover a range of business topics aimed at beginners.

Our clients tell us that the videos, recorded by and featuring our own trainers, are fantastically engaging.

Please click here to see a free video montage of samples from the on line learning videos.


Our on line learning courses can be priced for individuals or businesses. We often use the online learning prior to the delivery of a classroom course. This is because it allows more time to develop the ideas in class and gives great value for money. We charge a nominal fee per user when used this way.

Please contact us for full price details.

Corporate & Bespoke Sales

We currently have a number of clients in both the private and public sectors who have access to our on-line learning for their staff. If you would like to enquire about a corporate deal for your team please contact us. We can even create bespoke on-line learning solutions for your organisation.

Online Learning Course Titles:

  • Certificate in Business Finance (Modules 1, 2 & 3) – click here for the detailed programme 
  • NHS Finance for Beginners (Parts 1 & 2)
  • Certificate in Budgeting
  • Certificate in Managing Change
  • Managing NHS Change for Beginners
  • Certificate in Lean
  • NHS Lean for Beginners

Please click here to view an introduction to our online learning videos

If you would like to see a full introductory video please click here