NHS Business Cases

NHS Business Cases

Our course helps managers, clinicians and finance team members to develop coherent NHS Business Cases to help them secure funding. Across different parts of the NHS it has become essential to complete an NHS Business Cases document to secure funding. Many managers lack the technical know how and the written skills to complete these NHS Business Cases documents. Our course will help you develop these skills and at the end of it you will be able to build a convincing document.

A sample course on NHS Business Cases is outlined below. We can tailor this course to your own specific requirements.

Overview and Objectives

This course reviews the preparation and presentation of high impact business cases for NHS organisations. The course looks at the complex financial aspects of investment appraisal so that managers can understand the financial calculations made by their finance partners.

The course then goes on to consider the non financial aspects of presenting a high impact business case including the strategic fit with the organisation, the commercial case for the project and the economic case. The course then considers how to present the business case to gain maximum engagement.

We will use your own business case templates throughout the course and can tailor the content to your requirements.

Course Content

  •  How funding works in the NHS
  • A review of your business case proformas
  • Understanding the financial appraisal in the business case
  • The Discounted Cash Flow, Net Present Value and the Internal Rate of Return
  • Non financial aspects of investment appraisal
  • Managing the uncertainties and problems
  • The strategic fit of your business case
  • Other aspects of the business case including commercial and economic considerations
  • Presenting the business case in a way to appeal to key decision makers



This session will help participants to:

  • Create and evaluate financial plans
  • Identify how their finance team can help
  • Talk about and apply techniques to deliver convincing cases
  • Understand the Strategic, Commercial & Economic aspects of their business case
  • Improve the written impact of their business case