NHS Finance Training

We are experts in NHS Finance Training & have delivered finance training to accountants, non finance managers and clinicians in NHS organisations. They tell us they love our innovative, engaging and NHS focused finance courses.

Our key tools for specialist NHS finance training provision are:

  • Face to face NHS Finance courses for NHS Finance Teams; 

All our courses are NHS based. We work with Finance teams across all sectors including Acute, Mental Health, CCG &  NHS England. All courses are referenced to NHS documents including the FT ARM & the FReM. 

We have courses covering the use of IFRS for the NHS, Capital Accounting in the NHS, Strategic Thinking in Healthcare & Writing NHS Business Cases.

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  • Face to face Finance courses for Non Finance Managers & Clinicians in the NHS

We always use any relevant NHS documents to provide real focus o our courses. We present our courses in a style that helps to build confidence and understanding of finance among the non finance community in the NHS.

We have NHS courses on NHS Cost Improvement Plans (CIPS), Writing NHS Business Cases and Finance for Non Finance NHS Managers

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We have 4 NHS Business Games covering the following scenarios:

           Acute Trusts: a focus on Payment by results (PbR) in an NHS Acute Hospital

           CCGs: a focus on how CCGs fund & quality assure provider trusts

           Mental Health Trusts: a focus on mental health trusts 

           Health & Wellbeing Trusts: a focus on running community services

Please contact us for a free demo of these games or click here to read more

  • On line training for both Finance & Non Finance people in the NHS

We have a number of on line learning modules available on line here for you to use immediately PLUS we also have over 20 further specialist NHS Finance videos which are available for you.

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